Beautiful Swimming Pool Finishes

One of the benefits of installing a concrete swimming pool is the ability to customise the design to perfectly match the design aesthetic you’re after. One area that is ripe for customisation is the finish used on your swimming pool. Pool finishes vary quite substantially in appearance and texture, so it’s worth spending some time selecting the type of pool finish that is best suited to you as a pool owner.

Pool Tiling

One of the most widely used swimming pool finishes, tiling, remains a popular choice among pool owners. Available in a range of sizes, colours, and shapes, tiling is an excellent option for those looking to add a sophisticated and custom look to their swimming pool. Durable and long-lasting, tiles look striking when uniformly applied, when patterned, or when arranged into a detailed mosaic.

Gunite and Plaster

Gunite and plaster mixes are durable and versatile and are an excellent option for those seeking a smooth, clean, and attractive finish. Gunite and plaster finishes typically comprise a combination of cement and marble, although inclusions such as coloured quartz and tiles can also be used to clever aesthetic effect; quartz-based renders are an invariably popular choice, and can add an attractive sparkling appearance to your swimming pool, lightening up the pool area and making it appear more inviting.

Aggregate Surfaces

Aggregate surfaces are a fairly new development in pool surfacing, but are already an immensely popular choice. Aggregates typically comprise a concrete coating with numerous pebble inclusions to give a stony, rocky effect. Aggregates are eye-catching and attractive, and can also be effective in helping to reduce the slipperiness of a pool floor or walls. A wide variety of different types of stones and pebbles can be incorporated into an aggregate finish, allowing a pool owner to select a finish that is well-suited to their backyard’s design aesthetic. However, some aggregates can be rough to the touch, a fact that is worth taking into consideration when choosing a finish.

Paint finishes

Swimming pool paint is a low-key approach to finishing your swimming pool, and can offer a smooth, simple effect. Swimming pool paint is typically a heavy-duty rubber or epoxy paint that is designed to be chlorine-resistant. Swimming pool paint finishes, which are applied directly on to the concrete surface of the swimming pool, are added after the pool area concrete has been allowed to cure, and tend to be very low maintenance.

Your choice of swimming pool finish can be highly distinctive and creative, or low key so that the eye is drawn to the surrounding landscaping instead. Either way, the finish is an integral part of the overall look you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’d like more information about the finishes available for concrete pools in Melbourne, contact Salt Pools Pty Ltd to arrange a free pool design consultation.

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