Swimming Pools and Solar Heating

Are you considering switching to solar power? If you are you’ve probably wondered whether you can solar heat your swimming pool. The answer is yes, you can – and it’s likely that more and more pool owners will be doing just that in the years ahead. With the cost of electricity continuing to rise steeply, many families are finding that it’s too costly to use electric heating to keep their pool warm during the colder months in Melbourne.

Solar heating can extend your swimming months without costing you a fortune – but it’s not as simple as connecting your pool to your existing solar equipment. Pool solar heating involves the installation of absorbers (a series of tubes) on your roof top. The solar energy-absorbing panel is mounted on a sunny (usually north facing) spot on your roof, where it collects the heat from the sun. The water from your pool is then pumped through pipes into the system where it is heated before being returned to the pool.

Temperature sensitive solar controllers attached to the solar pool heating system ensure maximum economy by switching on the pump system only when there is sufficient heat for the system to be efficient. The systems can also be controlled so that you can achieve a temperature that is suited to your tastes – warmer in the colder months and slightly cooler for a refreshing summer dip.

As an added benefit, as the water is pumped through the pipes, it passes through a filter, which will remove leaves and debris.

Like most solar systems, the size of the system you purchases dictates the amount of solar energy you will be able to generate and in the case of swimming pools, the size of the pool dictates the size of system you’ll need. It’s important to ensure that the unit you purchase has the capacity to heat your pool to the desired temperature – one that’s too small will be ineffective and a waste of money.

The systems are available in a variety of styles, colours and materials to suit all homes and budgets. The top of the line systems can last up to twenty-five years and are likely to pay for themselves over time with cost efficiency. Your pool technician can recommend a suitable system for your needs and advise on the correct size.

Most economic when used over long periods of time, your new solar heating system will give you hours of extended swimming time. Even when the sun goes down and the days become cooler, your water will remain at a more comfortable temperature while your solar heating system is switched on.

If you’d like to increase the amount of enjoyment you can get from your swimming pool during the year without increasing your electricity bill, solar pool heating is a cost efficient option so why not give Salt Pools a call today.

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