Concrete Swimming Pool Site Issues

The beauty of installing a concrete swimming pool is the ability to custom design and put your personalised stamp on it. The shape, size, location and finish of your pool can be adapted to suit your site, transforming your backyard into the haven you desire. That’s good news if you have what appears to be an ‘awkward’ site because there are usually relatively few serious site issues when it comes to having a concrete swimming pool constructed. Most site issues are easily resolved.

Contacting Salt Pools Pty Ltd  for a free site assessment and quote is the best way to answer any concerns you have and discover the cost involved in building a concrete pool on your block. Here are some of the matters we’ll look at when we visit:

  • General suitability of the site for the type and size of swimming pool you have in mind, for example, the available land space for the pool, pool surround, fence and pump area.
  • Whether the space requires any particular work prior to the pool construction to render it suitable – for example, sloping or steep ground may require the construction of a retaining wall. People often think that it’s too difficult to construct a pool on a sloping site but this is rarely the case at all. In fact, sloping sites can result in a beautifully landscaped pool area.
  • Soil type; for example whether sandy, clay, or shale, and whether the presence of large rocks may cause a problem (the latter is uncommon in suburban Melbourne).
  • Location of easements and underground services.
  • Council regulations or requirements, for example, required distance from the neighbour’s boundary, pool fencing regulations.
  • Access for excavators / backhoe and heavy lifting equipment, and whether this might involve temporary fence removal. Often, a small space that would allow the entry of a Bobcat and the necessary pool materials is all that is required. It’s most often a case of “where there’s a will there’s a way”! The installation of a concrete pool in an established and fenced home can be less problematic than installing a fibreglass pool, because the concrete pool is constructed on the site.
  • A suitable area for pumps and filters, usually around 2 square metres.
  • Placement for electrical wiring and lighting.

Installation costs can vary slightly according to site difficulty but these will be assessed at the time of quotation and the cost included in the quotation – so you won’t be in for any unpleasant surprises after ordering your pool!

f you’d like a concrete swimming pool but are concerned your site isn’t ideal, it’s likely that your concern is unfounded. Why not arrange a free site assessment and find out what can and can’t be done in your space? You could be enjoying your new concrete swimming pool sooner than you thought.

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