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Solar Matting
 Melbourne has always been the Australian city most like a European city.  The culture, the diversity.   The capacity to have many seasons in one day.  The warm, but somewhat brief summers.  Spring and Autumn days may be long and warm and wonderful for swimming….but evenings are cool.  Cool evenings are not good for keeping daytime pool temperatures.

That’s where pool heating comes in.

Salt Pools offer various eco friendly heating options with our most popular product being solar tube matting. The matting conveniently heats up your swimming pool and spa and is designed to be aesthetically appealing.

The product we use is 100% Australian made and owned which is best suited to Australia’s climate and made from the highest quality EPHL synthetic rubber on the market. Our solar comes with a 10 year manufactures warranty and is resistant to UV and chlorine.

The system works by pumping water through a collection unit which is installed on your roof. Solar energy collected is then transferred to the water.  The result is warming your swimming pool by up to 10 degrees!  Perfect to use during cooler days and to save on heater costs.

After and a robust solution that will keep your pool warm…even when there is not enough sunlight to get the job done? Consider gas heating to extend your pool’s usefulness for an even longer swimming season.  (We install the system, but the gas hook-up needs to be done by a licensed plumber which we can arrange or clients use their own)

We use this product:

Another great way to keep the heat in your pool Is a fitted pool cover.  Just like insulation can save on your home heating costs, it can make your pool heating more efficient too.

So extend your swimming pool season by at least double with pool heating and covers with a Sal Pool custom solution.

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