Considering a Salt Pool?

Salt water pools are worth consideration if you are installing a new swimming pool.  The salt pool option is much safer than traditional chlorine pools and they can also be extremely cost effective.

The main advantages of choosing a Salt Pool are:


Although slightly more expensive at initial purchase than a chlorine system, Salt Pools are more cost effective over time.

Reduction in harmful chemicals

Whilst there are still chemicals in a salt pool but if your pool system is well maintained, they are not as harsh as traditional chlorine pools. Salt water makes its own chlorine, so you don’t have to handle harmful chemicals and the levels of chlorine in the water are quite low whilst still being effective.


Benefits to your family’s Heath

Gentler on the skin, so you won’t have to deal with dry skin after swimming, irritation to the eyes and the dreaded green hair that can occur. Even your swimwear will benefit as it reduces fading.

If you have an existing chlorine swimming pool you can convert your existing system over to Salt without a great deal of expense.


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