In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

Installing a new concrete swimming pool? If you like the idea of an automated pool cleaning system that’s barely visible, requires no regular maintenance, keeps your pool sparkling clean without your assistance, and reduces heating costs, an in-floor pool cleaning system will make your day.

Remember when pool cleaning was a lot of work? Well, we’ve probably come a long way since you last installed a concrete pool. Automated in-floor systems have taken the nuisance factor out of owning a pool. Granted, the first versions that came out weren’t pretty but modern systems like the Paramount PV3 are not only efficient, they’re unobtrusive, and they can be better for your health!

Benefits of the PV3 In-Floor Pool Cleaning System

  • The PV3 is built into the floor of the pool on construction and incorporates 6 pop up nozzles that ensure every area of your pool – including steps, benches, the floor, and even the spa if you have one – are cleaned to perfection using strong water pressure. The system is tailored to suit the shape and design of your pool and nozzles are positioned to ensure complete coverage.
  • It’s more than a pool cleaner – the PV3 is also a water circulation system. Old fashioned systems circulated water close to the top of the pool, making it easy for heat and chemicals to escape. The PV3 is designed to circulate water evenly throughout the pool. That means you’ll enjoy an even water temperature throughout your pool, no ‘missed’ spots where algae can develop, and reduced heating costs.
  • Less work for you – the automatic water valve is pressure safe and does not require routine maintenance.
  • No eye-sore! No vacuum pipes spoiling the look of your pool.
  • Problem with large debris falling from nearby trees? No problem for the PV3 – there’s an optional MDX drain and debris canister that captures large pieces of debris.
  • You can select from eight colours.

A concrete swimming pool is a substantial lifestyle investment and is likely to be a significant feature of your home. We know you want it to be just perfect! An in-floor pool cleaning system (along with some fabulous landscaping of course!) can help you create a low maintenance oasis in your own back yard.  Salt Pools Pty Ltd is a licenced PV3 dealer.

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