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Owning a swimming pool requires an ongoing investment of your time. Left untended, backyard swimming pools can quickly develop problems with algal growth, unsanitary water, and imbalanced chlorine levels. As professional pool builders and experts in cleaning Melbourne’s swimming pools, we consider the following to be keys to a thorough swimming pool clean.

Regular maintenance

The old adage of “prevention is better than cure” holds true for many situations, including swimming pools. One way to keep your swimming pool in good shape is to ensure that your chlorine levels are just right, and to ensure that your water is being properly filtered and cleaned. In addition, make sure that you regularly clean out the baskets of your pool and skim any debris from your pool by hand, as this will reduce the load on your pool’s filter and will stave off the need to add extra chlorine or cleaning chemicals. Ensuring that your pool is in generally good condition will make more involved pool cleaning less of a challenge.

Pool vacuuming

Vacuuming your swimming pool on a regular basis is essential if you want to keep your water clear for as long as possible and want to avoid frequently adding chemicals to your pool water. Automatic pool vacuums can be left to their own devices, but manual pool vacuums need to be carefully used on all areas of the pool floor. Train your pool vacuum back and forth along the swimming pool floor, and make sure that each stroke overlaps the last. This will ensure a thorough clean. Clean your vacuum’s filters regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

Wall cleaning

Swimming pool walls are frequently under assault from all manner of chemicals and other deposits. Calcium build-up, salt build-up and corrosion, and algal growth are all common issues that can become highly problematic if not kept in check. Brushing down your pool on a weekly basis is the key to keeping your swimming pool walls – and your water – in healthy condition. Bear in mind that the type of cleaning brush used will depend on the type of pool that you own. While a stiff brush is fine for a concrete pool, opt for a softer brush for fiberglass pools and a soft and non-abrasive brush for any tiled areas in order to avoid damaging the tiles themselves or the grout between them. A diluted chlorine solution can be used to remove scum occurring at the water level, while scouring pads can be effective on tougher deposits.

If you’re unsure about the best way to safely and effectively clean your pool, or would like someone to do it for you, feel free to contact Salt Pools Pty Ltd.  Not only do we design and install swimming pools throughout Melbourne, but we also offer comprehensive swimming pool cleaning services.

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