Put Your Swimming Pool on Automatic and Enjoy

In years gone by, one of the biggest ‘cons’ of installing a concrete swimming pool was the amount of work that went with it. The pool had to be cleaned for starters, and although pool cleaning systems have been available for years, they weren’t that advanced, and didn’t quite do 100% of the job. Water levels had to be monitored and the pool topped up regularly during hot weather. And if you needed a pool cover you had to physically position it and remove it.

If you remember your parents grumbling about how much work it was maintaining the swimming pool you enjoyed so much, you might be surprised to know that those days are long gone. Not only are automated cleaning systems highly advanced, but water levels can be monitored and topped up automatically, and even the pool cover can take care of itself. Here are three great pieces of swimming pool technology you’ll want to know about before you order your pool!

Automated In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

In-floor pool cleaning systems have grown from clunky and inefficient to unobtrusive and pretty much perfect. The Paramount PV3 is a good example. This system is installed when your concrete pool is constructed. The system includes 6 pop up nozzles that can be positioned according to your pool’s shape and design. Using water pressure, the system reaches every area of your pool including steps and benches, to ensure no little spots are missed.

Another advantage of this particular in-floor system is that it’s also a water circulation system, circulating the water thoroughly as it cleans to ensure even water temperature and prevent algae building up near steps and benches. And because it does this towards the pool floor, instead of near the surface, the pool doesn’t lose a lot of heat during the cleaning process.

Walk-on Automated Pool Cover

Ever wanted to walk on water? Now you can – at least while your automated pool cover is on! The walk-on automated cover expands itself across your pool with the push of a button and locks firmly into place. It retracts automatically too and storage is unobtrusive. If you have young children and want maximum peace of mind when the pool is not in use the tough walk on automatic pool cover is well worth considering.

Water Level Monitoring

Installed during the construction of your concrete swimming pool, an automatic water leveller constantly monitors the water level and tops up accordingly from the mains.

Now if you’ve been trying to talk your family out of the whole swimming pool idea on the grounds that it’ll be too much work, we apologise for ruining your argument – but look on the bright side, you might have lost the argument but you’ll soon have a beautiful, trouble free swimming pool to relax in.

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