Swimming Pool Construction: Cost Considerations and Quotes

Purchasing a swimming pool can be an involved and at times, complex process. From initial idea to design to construction there are plenty of considerations. The first step is to ensure you are dealing with a professional. Check that your pool builder is a registered practitioner and that they have extensive and specific experience in installing and servicing pools. A comprehensive quote is also an essential, so make sure you are getting a full measure and quote with no hidden extras. Here are some of the things you should be aware of when comparing swimming pool construction quotes:

  • A quote for a swimming pool should include at least the following: design (if charged separately), construction, pool lining, paving or tiling, extras such as water features and fountains, fencing (a legal requirement), filtration systems and sanitising equipment, heating and lighting. You will need to consider initial and ongoing costs.
  • It is essential also to familiarise yourself with local legislation and regulations: be they building, council, or your local water authority. State law for instance, requires that domestic building insurance must be issued for all domestic building work over $12,000, which includes pools and spas. You should confirm your builder has this in place and ask for a copy of the certificate.
  • In Victoria, builders must be registered with the Building Commission Practitioners Board. And a Building permit from a surveyor must be issued to you before any work commences. Likewise you will need to check with your local council before building proceeds to check on any required permits and costs involved.

In short, be prepared, do your research, or even better, deal with trusted professionals who will keep you informed at every stage of the swimming pool building process. If there have been no nasty surprises along the way, that first swim on a glorious summer’s day, will be so much sweeter!

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