Should You Choose a Spa or Swimming Pool?

There are many reasons for installing a concrete pool or spa in your yard, varying from a desire for recreation and fun, health and fitness, relaxation therapy, value-adding to your property, improved garden design, or all of these combined! If you are undecided about whether to install a family pool, lap pool, or spa, it’s useful to consider what you expect from your pool or spa, gather a few ideas and discuss the available options with a pool professional.

The great benefit of concrete pools is that they can be made to suit your taste, available space and purpose. The only limits are your imagination, the size of your land, your budget and any applicable Council regulations.

If your desire is for family fun and fitness or weekend entertaining, a custom-built concrete swimming pool might be the best idea. If you have young children you could consider a multi-depth pool with a shallow area, and deeper areas for games or swimming exercise. If however fitness and training are your priorities or you are restricted by a narrow backyard, a long narrow lap pool might be the answer. Do you have multiple purposes in mind? A multi-shaped swimming pool is another possibility.

For therapy and relaxation, a spa pool has many benefits. A spa with surf-jets is great for fitness, while hydrotherapy jets are useful for relieving tired or sore muscles by providing water ‘massage’. Everybody loves a spa so if entertaining guests is a priority, a large spa will help ensure you have an ongoing supply of willing guests!

Another option is a combined pool and spa set-up. The spa can be attached to one end of the pool, or even elevated above it with overflow running down into the pool. You can enjoy the benefit of both worlds and if you’re entertaining families, the kids can enjoy the pool while the adults relax in the bubbling spa.

Other things to consider when making your decision are the surrounds including:

  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
  • water features
  • pool finishes
  • seating
  • play-equipment (for example, water slides)
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • safety issues (for example, non-slip areas, security screens and pool fencing)
  • heating

For instance, you might prefer decking, or paved areas, rockery with mini-waterfalls, shade sails or pergolas for weather protection, surrounding plants, or even music or a large television screen for entertainment! You may prefer a more natural-looking pool, or one that is very contemporary with sleek lines and a more sophisticated look.

Landscaping and the installation of swimming pools and spas go hand in hand. Salt Pools Pty Ltd of Melbourne makes creating your oasis easy by offering a complete service that encompasses pool design, construction, and landscaping. We can assist you with design ideas and advice on swimming pools, spas and landscaping and co-ordinate the project from start to finish. Whatever you want to achieve in your back yard, we can bring your hopes and dreams to life with a picture perfect outdoor area you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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