Swimming Pool Safety Barriers

Did you know that when considering a new swimming pool in Victoria, all pools or spas with a depth exceeding 300mm require four-sided pool fencing ?

This applies to any swimming pool or spa with a depth greater than 30cm (300mm).

Did you also know that this also includes inflatable and portable units that are capable of holding water greater than 30cm (300mm) in depth?

Safety barriers can be in the form of a fence, wall, gate or screen including windows, locks, latches, hinges and self-closing devices attached to them.

Direct access from dwellings is not permitted directly into the pool area via external doors.

The Australian Standards AS 1926.1-2007 enforces this regulation to stop a child, predominately those under 5 years of age from entering the pool area when unsupervised.

Here at Salt Pools, we ensure that all of our pool fences we construct comply with Australian Standards.

Once construction is completed the owner and occupier of the property are then responsible for  regular maintenance of their swimming pool.  It is  essential the owners ensure that it is complaint, as councils conduct regular inspections.  This  includes inspecting and maintaining self closing latching gates.

For further information, you can head to the SPASA Victoria website


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